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Inspires, Engages, and Gives Back

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The Art Action Experience is an interactive mural making process for adults and children of all ages. Artist Daniel Cascardo uses black paint to create a variety of abstract and symbiotic imagery on canvas or three dimensional surfaces, usually to the rhythm of music.  Once completed people are invited to add color, pattern, shapes, and other visual elements to the surface.  The surface is transformed into a “snapshot of the moment” in a real time interactive art event. Cascardo later completes the piece in his studio making it truly a fantastic and a professional work of art.  Corporations, Non-profits, or anyone wanting a fun, interactive activity for their special event will find it with a Cascardo Art Action Experience.   It is an inspiring process that builds teamwork and engages the exploration of each individual’s creativity.

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Each experience is priced custom to the event. For any questions or quotes on Art Action Experience packages please contact via email or phone.

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